After more than 50 years of continuous growth, Valvosider S.r.l. has become a “valve manufacturer” of international reputation for power stations, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries.

Up to date there is the following production in Valvosider equipment list:


 Gate valves

 Globe valves 

 Check valves 



Valvosider manufactures valves from wide range of materials – iron, steel, but valves can be tailor-made in a special design.
To meet all customer’s conditions and requirements the General Management has set up a Quality system which operates in conformity with ISO 9001 standards.
Production meets all safety and environmental requirements.
The valves can be delivered with casing hemispherical cap, with self-sealing connection of casing cap, as well as disks with sealing bellows of stem and special design for cryogenic medium.