Lift plug valves


Main characteristics:

Пробко-подъемные краны


  •  DN25 (1”) to DN 1000 (40”),
  •  PN 16 (ASME150) to PN 400 (ASME2500).
  •  Temperature – to 500 ⁰С.
  •  Combined structure of valve and flush system.
  •  Seat is not worn during operation.
  •  No dead spaces.
  •  Three levels of protection from valve gag.
  •  Twin drive – no plug jamming.
  •  Top or bottom entry for easy maintenance.
  •  Short period of necessary valve flushing.




  •  For high-temperature processes and abrasive medium in chemical, petrochemical and power industries.  




  •  Delayed coking industry, cracking and fluid catalytic cracking.