Почему LESER

  •  Short delivery time: There are large LESER warehouses in more than 20 countries. That warranties quick world-wide delivery. The most quantity of spare parts can be shipped within 24 hours.
  •  German production and assembly all over the world: Safety valves LESER are manufactured in Germany only by LESER Company! Certified service points network and competent personnel provide assembly and adjustment in the shortest period of time. That warranties high quality level all round the world.
  •  Development of new safety valves: LESER continuously improves present lines and develops new types of safety valves to satisfy customers’ needs. Research department team LESER consists more than of 30 people.
  •  Mature technology: LESER has three test run laboratories, certified TÜV and ASME, the largest in the world. Customer’s equipment modeling is a daily LESER work, work at safe solutions developments.
  • Почему LESER Special solutions: Great engineering resources LESER and the most modern industrial equipment provide delivery of special solutions. We design, manufacture and test in accordance with your requirements.
  •  Production range: The size of LESER production range of safety valves is the largest in the world. LESER manufactures 75.000 safety valves every year. This production range warranties high reliability to customers.
  •  Specialization in safety valves: LESER is a private family enterprise specialized in design and manufacturing of only one product: safety valves. It provides full compliance of LESER safety valves with your requirements.