Safety valves. Mature technology.

 Испытанная технология

  1.  Simplified construction from several parts for equipment safety.
  2.  Solid rod reduces friction and provides accurate location.
  3.  Long spring provides a wide range of spring pressure and application of minimal quantity of different springs.
  4.  позиция 6Self-draining casing helps to avoid sediment and lowers corrosion.
  5.  Unique design, for steam, gas and liquid to reduce spare parts storage.
  6.  Big quantity of available options for adjustment of safety valve to special installation conditions.
  7.  Stellite or hardened metal mounting surface for longer product service life.
  8.  Setting pressure is determined as “the first audible overflow” (не “jump”), and that allows to reduce difference between setting and  operating condition and avoid damages at a jump during installation.
  9.  Cast supporting brackets for convenient valvesпозиция 9 displacement (API and heavy safety valves).

  позиция 6