LESER is a leader in safety field


LESER history  


Предприятие LESERHeadquartered in Germany, with a state of the art factory and more than 300 employees worldwide LESER is supplying high quality safety valves over the world.

The company started in Germany in 1818 as a brass foundry and developed a product portfolio of components of mechanical equipment and machines during the “industrial revolution”. 


In 1885 the company developed its first safety valve, and since 1970 LESER has made a specialty only of safety valves. 

Начиная с 1980 года LESER является поставщиком номер один в Европе и усиливает свои позиции из года в год. В настоящее время LESER расширяет сферу деятельности по всему миру.

Reliable decisions from specialists 

ОборудованиеToday, LESER’s product range comprises a total of 7 product groups with 38 valve types. A variety of materials and sizes from DN 10 to DN 400 – 1/2″ to 16″, provide safe solutions for almost every industrial application.

High performance:

Safety valves protect all kinds of plants from impermissible overpressure (units with gas, steam, liquid) to provide quick blow-off of maximal possible volume.


Safety valves according to standard API 526; are usually applied in petrochemical and chemical industry.

Compact design:

Safety valves of low and medium capacity to protect traditional pumps and compressors, they can be used for cryogenic units as well.

Aseptic conditions:

Safety valves for protection of systems with sanitary or hygienic requirements in food, brewing and pharmaceutical industry.

Critical conditions:

Safety valves with partial or full PTFE coating, suitable for aggressive and corrosive mediums.

Overflow and thermal expansion:

Safety valves of low capacity are usually used for liquid for medium leakage minimization. They are suitable for overflow in heat discharge conditions.

Continuous readiness:

Other types of worthy products, such as forced control systems, switching valves and diaphragms in addition to safety valves.