Continuous work 


Непрерывная готовность


Relay valves, type 3100

Relay valves are used in areas, where production interruption is impossible or undesirable because of financial or technological reasons. One of simultaneously working safety valves can be chosen by means of relay valve without production standby, e.g. for repair.  



Система принудительного управления серии 7000

Forced control system, type 7000


Forced control system allows operating pressurizing to the value that is a bit lower than setting pressure of safety valve. Hermetic tightness of safety valve with forced control is kept to the setting pressure. 


Предохранительный клапан в комбинации с мембраной серии 3500

Safety valve in combination with diaphragm, type 3500

Combination “valve/diaphragm” is used in units with poising, toxic, precious or sticky medium providing highest requirements to leakage prevention.



Предохранительные клапаны для особого и регионального использования















S & R

Safety valves for special and regional usage/