WAKThe WAK is a low cost design suitable for many duties. The streamlined disc moves smoothly without flutter. When the valve is closed the disc is pressed tightly against the seat which is incorporated into the body. Opening and closing are free of friction and jamming.
The sealing system is completely integrated within the body utilizing the conventional ADAMS laminated metal/graphite sealing.
The WAK is a general purpose valve for many applications involving fresh water, seawater, sewage, hydrocarbon and wet gas.
Nominal Diameters: DN 50-1200
Temperature range: from minus 20°С to plus 150°С (resilient seal); from minus 196°С to 500°С (metal-to-metal sealing)
Pressure stages: PN 10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300


  •  Tight shut-off and control;
  •  With resilient sealing: double sealing, with metal sealing L1: one-side sealing;
  •  Double eccentric support of valve disk;
  •  Installation length: ISO K1;
  •  Operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.



  •  Low operating torque values;
  •  Compact design;
  •  Low weight;
  •  Any position;
  •  Perfect control features;
  •  Wide range of application.



  •  Flameproof design;
  •  Single / custom-made / flanged design;
  •  Open end hole / thread hole (Lug type).