RZIThe proven design of the RZN is the basis for RZI valves, which can be installed in large-diameter (more than 1000 mm) or high-pressure pipelines and are equipped with a multirate, adjustable, interval-damping system for particularly critical applications.
Special brake system developed by ADAMS can be adjusted for any value and be interval controlled. Besides possibility of damping in three separate controlled ranges, also timing-of-rate increase during check valve closure is possible.
This means, the RZI can be tuned to precisely match the closing characteristics required by a pump installation to avert excessive pressure surge.
Nominal Diameters: DN 500-3000
Temperature range: from minus 50°С to plus 200°С
Pressure stages: PN 2,5/6/10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300


  •  non-return valve with multirate adjustable interval damping system;
  •  resilient seal or laminated metal-to-metal seal;
  •  triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system;
  •  three adjustable independent damping rates;
  •  automated /self- / valve closing.



  •  controlled, non-slam closure;
  •  adjustable closing characteristic;
  •  brake system controlled at any value outside in any operating condition;
  •  additional screw safety device;
  •  prepared for retro-fitting of counterweights;
  •  longevity, even for frequent cycle operation. 



  •  damping system for opening;
  •  pneumatic or hydraulic power pack for positive operation;
  •  additional counterweight;
  •  vulcanized hard rubber coating;
  •  butt weld ends.