MAKThe MAK, utilizing ADAMS exclusive patented inclined cone sealing system, has proven its longevity under extreme working conditions and thousands of cycles. Metal sealing, robust construction, and proven engineered material combinations make the MAK suitable for a wide range of temperatures and duties. The sealing system is completely integrated within the body utilizing the conventional ADAMS laminated metal/graphite sealing allowing for easy maintenance of both sealing surfaces. Due to the unique seat geometry the disc moves without any jamming even at high temperature differentials and under the full rated pressure.
Double disc design – two similar disks. The advantage of such design is that there can be formed vacuum (leakage pumping) or pressure with double tightness in the space between these disks. Nominal Diameters: DN 80 – 4000
Temperature Range: from minus 196°C to 600°C
Pressure Class: PN 10/16/25/40/64/100; ANSI 150/300/600.


  •  bi-directional tight shut-off and control with metal-to-metal sealing;
  •  triple offset sealing system with laminated metal body seal;
  •  seal fully integrated within the body, protected from flow;
  •  operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.


  •  bi-directional zero bubble per minute shut-off;
  •  anti-blowout shaft design;
  •  no sealing friction;
  •  high temperature compatibility;
  •  inherently fire-safe;
  •  low operation torques;
  •  excellent control characteristics;
  •  low pressure loss;
  •  compact, robust construction;
  •  low maintenance;

 any position.



  •  double disc design PN 10 – 400, ANSI 150 – 1500;
  •  cryogenic design;
  •  hard-faced disc edge;
  •  resilient seal;
  •  heating jacket;
  •  steam purged seat;
  •  disc locking device;
  •  spring-loaded stuffing box;
  •  emission-free shaft sealing (norms TA-Luft);
  •  stuffing box design for in-service packing replacement;
  •  butt weld ends.