MAGThe MAG is a fast-acting tilting disc valve offering fast response to flow change, tight shut-off, low pressure loss, and excellent flow characteristics. This check valve is often used in steam or gas applications to protect the steam turbine or compressor against backflow.
Numerous installations in gas cracking units confirm high reliability in critical services.
Nominal Diameters: DN 100 – 2000
Temperature range: from minus 50°С to plus 500°С
Pressure stages: PN 6/10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300



  •  quick closing check valve with internal balance weight in a pressurized external housing;
  •  laminated metal-to-metal sealing;
  •  triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system;
  •  opened by flow;
  •  fast response at low differential pressure.



  •  excellent sealing characteristics;
  •  low pressure loss coefficients;
  •  axial pressure balanced shaft seals for low friction;
  •  additional screw safety device;
  •  robust structure;
  •  minimum maintenance.



  •  manual or electrical over-ride via free travel coupling;
  •  pneumatic or hydraulic actuator;
  •  steam purge at seat;
  •  heating jacket.