HTKTight valve, type НТК, its operation principle is based on special hermetic sealing technique developed by “ADAMS” and provides tightness either in low temperature range or high temperature range. Due to triple offset sealing system disk moves easily and with minimal friction and opens uniformly at all points along the specially designed body seat. When the disk is closed, the seal ring is compressed tightly into the seat without jamming or extruding. Temperature variations are reliably compensated without impairment of function. All sealing materials are reliable and designed for long life. Shafts are sealed by resilient seal rings or stuffing boxes. Choice of materials is determined according to media, pressure, and temperature conditions.
A special HTK design is available for extreme high temperature services such as expander turbine power recovery systems for catalytic crackers in refineries. The body and disk seal elements are robust and have an additional wear resisting hard facing.
Quick closing / opening less than 1 sec. is available for emergency shutdown.
When it is essential for health, safety or 100 percent isolation the HTK with double block & bleed seating should be the first choice. Two seals are arranged in tandem and separated by an annulus around the seal periphery for sampling or pressurization between the two seals. This annulus is connected by grooves and drillings in disc and shaft or drillings through the body seat and body wall into an exterior connection. In addition to bleeding off the annulus it can be pressurized with a suitable fluid (or gas) to maintain a pressure seal.
Nominal Diameters: DN 100 – 4000
Temperature Range: from minus 196°C up to 950°C
Pressure stages: PN 10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300/600/900/1500



  •  tight shut-off and control disk with metal-to-metal seal;
  •  triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system;
  •  solid metal or laminated metal seal;
  •  operation: manual, electric pneumatic, hydraulic.



  •  optimum tightness;
  •  high temperature compatibility;
  •  progressive sealing system;
  •  reliable function in any position;
  •  combination of different functions: flow control and shut-off;
  •  particularly suited for high cycle operation. 


  •  block & bleed design;
  •  fast opening/closing function;
  •  design for extremely high temperature applications;
  •  seat hard-faced;
  •  heating jacket;
  •  steam purge at seat;
  •  disc locking device;
  •  spring-loaded stuffing box;
  •  emission-free shaft sealing (TA-Luft norms);
  •  stuffing box design for in-service packing replacement;
  •  welding design.