HPVMetal disk sealing, type HPV, can stand heavy load; disk opens and closes with minimum friction; it goes from special formed mating surface along the whole perimeter. Heavy loads trim on the whole sealing surface area.

Combined shutdown at torque and offset provides optimal transfer of torque to seat sealing surface and so automated adjusting is executed. HPV valves application in the system of central heating provide additional economic advantage: valves can be installed underground without creating any expensive mine structures due to special insulation.

Nominal Diameters: DN 100-1200
Temperature range: from minus 50°С up to 500°C
Pressure stages: PN 10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300


  •  Tight control valve for intermediate and high pressure stages;
  •  Plate metal sealing;
  •  Double sealing;
  •  Double eccentric support of gate shaft;
  •  Operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.



  •  Sealing works in closed position efficiently;
  •  Capable of heavy loads;
  •  Any position.


  •  Heating jacket;
  •  Steam spraying;
  •  Disc locking device;
  •  Spring-loaded stuffing box;
  •  Emission-free shaft sealing (norms TA-Luft);
  •  Safety stop chamber;
  •  Butt weld ends;
  •  Special design with insulation for underground installation.