GMZType GMZ assisted non-slam check valve is designed for gas systems with flow reversal where ultra-reliable high integrity operation is required. Flow resistance is minimal due to low friction and adjustable counterweight. Valves are manufactured as automated and equipped with auxiliary pneumatic auto-close to increase safety requirements. Closing action is damped with adjustable hydraulic cylinder.
Welding design allows using special materials for special operating requirements.
Nominal Diameters: DN 100 – 2000
Temperature range: from minus 50°С to plus 250°С
Pressure stages: PN 2,5/6/10/16/25/40 ; ANSI 150/300



  •  butterfly valve of compressor with pneumatic starter;
  •  resilient seal or laminated metal-to-metal seal;
  •  triple offset design with inclined conical sealing system;
  •  positive closure by spring-return actuator;
  •  adjustable weight for closing;
  •  adjustable hydraulic damping system.



  •  no vibration of valve disk in operating mode;
  •  possibility to adjust low flow resistance by using a weight for closing;
  •  axial pressure balanced shaft seals for low friction;
  •  additional screw safety device;
  •  reliable operational function for frequent cycle operation.



  •  power assisted closure by direct acting pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or spring-return actuator;
  •  opening starter;
  •  heating jacket;
  •  accessories for remote control;
  •  butt weld ends.