DSK/ASKDSK/ASK step seated or swing through throttle valves are ideal for optimum flow control of gaseous and liquid media.
Valve disk turns at a definite angle and pressure as well as medium flow rate change in appropriate way. Depending on control requirements, these valves are fitted with manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. When using pneumatic or electric control circuits these valves can be equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators with positioners. Positioners, limit switches and position transmitters are installed for remote control.
The ASK and DSK may be fitted with spring-loaded stuffing boxes for easy in-field maintenance.
Nominal Diameters: DN 100-4000
Temperature range: from minus 196°С to 950°С
Pressure stages: PN 6/10/16/25/40/64/100; ANSI 150/300/600


  •  step-seated ASK design or the DSK swing through design for flow control of gas or liquid media;
  •  economical, steel welded construction;
  •  operation: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic. 



  •  precise flow control;
  •  low operation torques;
  •  simple maintenance, field repairable.



  •  heating jacket;
  •  temperature resistant body plating;
  •  vulcanized hard rubber coating;
  •  spring-loaded stuffing box;
  •  emission-free shaft sealing (norms TA-Luft);
  •  bearings outside flow stream for high temperature duties;
  •  emergency hand wheel;
  •  clamping design;
  •  butt weld ends.