Сварные теплообменники Welded plate type heat exchangers Swep are compact heat exchangers for operation at extremely high temperatures and pressures with units, where usage of gaskets is not possible. They are highly productive, have small size and require minimal maintenance. It is a unique production, allowing usage of all the advantages of plate heat exchangers for severe service applications.

Welded plate type heat exchangers Swep work with liquids, gases and 2 phase medium at high pressures, as well as at low and high temperatures. They are manufactured from different materials. Welded plate type heat exchangers Swep structure meets the highest quality and productivity requirements. 


  • Сварные теплообменники  Heat exchangers Swep like Maxchanger and Econocoil stand high pressures and have maximal heat-transfer coefficient due to many welding spots.
  • Сварные теплообменники  Welding leak proof channels prevent mediums mixing.