Swep типа BHeat exchangers Swep type B 


Swep’s biggest sellers are heat exchangers of B type. Stainless steel AISI 316 is main structural material for type B, and pure copper is used as braze. Pressure range (i.e. maximal operating pressure) for Swep heat exchangers of this type is up to 30 bar (psi) at temperatures up to 185°C. This is a standard type of Swep heat exchangers. 


Swep типа E

Heat exchangers Swep type E


This unique range of heat exchangers is developed specially for low-pressure boiler applications (water to water) and moderate temperatures. Swep heat exchangers of E type are equipped with unique patented start and endplates fully integrated with cover plates and sealing rings.  

Swep типа D (DB/DV)

Heat exchangers Swep type D (DB/DV)


Настоящий двухконтурный теплообменник Swep – это теплообменник, в котором каждый водяной канал окружен двумя независимыми контурами охлаждения одинакового размера. 


Swep типа A

Heat exchangers Swep type A


Swep heat exchangers of type A have the same structure as type B. Applied braze is the main difference between types A and B. Copper is exchanged for nickel based braze. Such heat exchangers are called fully stainless because copper is not used.

Swep типа M

Heat exchangers Swep type M


Heat exchangers Minex are designated with abbreviation M. Unlike other compact brazed heat exchangers, heat exchangers Minex are sealed with special gaskets and fixed in a frame with bolts and nuts.