Heat exchangers of Swiss company SWEP.


Compact brazed heat exchanger – CBE – is the most effective and productive equipment engaged in heat transfer process up today.
Compact brazed heat exchangers were developed in the end of 70s by a group of engineers, who founded SWEP International AB company afterwards. That revolutionary discovery was a new step in development of refrigerating and heat exchange equipment. Evaporator, condenser for refrigerating equipment, hot water heater in boiler equipment and other applications are easy to realize using modern brazed heat exchangers SWEP.

Main advantages:


  •  Extreme productivity;
  •  Compactness;
  •  Maximal rigidity;
  •  High operating pressures;
  •  Lightweight.


World-leading within its field, SWEP constantly advances the front line in order to be able to use the very latest technology. Decades of creative work, leading-edge competence and committed SWEP people have resulted in the world’s most effective offer of products.
We are confident that there will always be a difference between a SWEP BPHE and other heat exchangers. SWEP philosophy has always been: never compromise on quality. It is what gives SWEP competitive edge. For SWEP, quality is a concept, an approach that should permeate all our work to ensure that no-one can offer you – the customer – a better solution.
Highly efficient production units in Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Slovakia and China make it possible to serve customers all over the world. The company is part of the global Dover Corporation. Today, SWEP has representation in more than 50 countries.
SWEP motto: go ahead and tend to low price and high goods attractiveness for a customer.
SWEP choice – it is the choice of more safe and effective decision.
SWEP heat exchanger – it is informed choice for quality.

Types of SWEP heat exchangers
Divisible plate-type heat exchangers SWEP
Welded plate-type heat exchangers SWEP
Brazed heat exchangers SWEP