ДефлекторBin vents

Bin Vent Collectors are used on top of silos and binds or where the bin loading system requires aspiration. 



Insertable collectors are selfcontained units which are integrated into an existing enclosure, allowing dust to be retained at the point at which it is generated. 


Common applications: mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, conveyor feed silos, air slides, process machinery and binds in which powders are fluidized.


Modular units


Модульная установка

Modular units for filtering are an ideal solution for group filters with filter area between 5 and 500 m2


Typical application area: size reduction machinery, spray dryers, separators, calciners, mixers, packaging machines, conveyors, chemical industry, foundries, etc. 

Установка с доступом вверхуTop access  


Большие секционные установки

Large sectional


For large applications, filters are provided in preassembled sections sized to suit shipping limitations. Sub-assemblies can be prepared for bolting and/or welding on site. Common applications: furnaces, boilers, dryers, mixers, coke discharge systems, sinter standard systems, ladle casters, foundry sources, smelters and many chemical and mineral applications.





Доступ вверху с вводной камеройTop access with walk-in plenum 


Bag filters


Bag filters are manufactured with access from both “clean” and “dirty” side.


Choices include:


  •  Bottom removal – ideal for small baghouses or where headroom restraints prevent top removal.
  •  Top removal – access doors on the top of unit permit bag maintenance from the clean side, allowing quicker change out. Leaking bags can be detected rapidly and easily.
  •  Top removal with walk-in plenum – also protects maintenance personnel, medium leakage and valuable, recoverable product from the weather. Work platform and access door provide entry into the clean air plenum.