Технология ввода газаThe main problem when operating and designing dust collector is uneven air flow distribution to filter members. 


This is the reason for:


  •  Abrasive wear;
  •  Short bag life;
  •  Dust penetration into pure gas;
  •  High pressure loss;
  •  Airflow reduction;
  •  Low energy performance.


Two solutions: narrow feed hopper and side inlet.


Diffusers can be retrofitted to improve the performance of any style or make of pulse jet collector. 


Benefits of the design:


  •  longer bag life;
  •  reduced pressure loss and increased airflow;
  •  minimal dust penetration;
  •  better overall filter performance.

 Технология ввода газа

Two stage inlet with diffusers at right angles to each other. Air enters the filter housing from the side of the unit at velocities reduced by over 90%.

Main advantages:


  •  better performance;
  •  longer bag life;
  •  reduced pressure loss;
  •  no dust penetration;
  •  reduction of pulse air consumption;
  •  dramatically reduced maintenance costs;
  •  better overall filter performance.