КоллекторCollector with pulse jet was invented in 1956. Since then more than 200.000 units were installed all over the world. During this period of time there were a lot of innovations but baghouses are still the principle of technology. 


Clearance, filled with air 


  •  Bottom access;
  •  Top access. 


Pulse jet cleaning system


  •  Low pressure design for handling precious medium;
  •  Timers and high level control systems are simple to operate.


Casing design 


  •  Пылеуловитель с пространством заполненным воздухом Deflector;
  •  built-in system;
  •  modular structure;
  •  cylindrical, according to pressure loss requirements;
  •  rectangular;
  •  explosionproof design according to ATEX.


Filter bags 


  •  filter bags manufacturing;
  •  cloth styles with wide variety of media;
  •  long bag technology.


Inlet technology:


  •  Patented technology;
  •  Patented design for low velocity, for coal industry and other types of fuel dust;
  •  Tangential inlet options.