Циклоны высокой эффективностиMicroPul Cyclones are the most cost-effective solution for separating dry particulate material (5 microns or larger) from gas streams.
With more than three decades of experience in research, design, and successful commissioning of cyclones, we have the expertise to select the appropriate design to meet the most demanding needs for any application in the industry.
The cyclones feature robust construction for long term, trouble-free service. Careful design results in high efficiency at low pressure loss to keep operating costs low. 



  •  Low initial cost;
  •  Low operating expenses;
  •  No moving parts;
  •  Minimal space requirement.


System design


Seemingly a relatively simple device, a cyclone consists of components which must be optimized for the application and properly work together to achieve maximum dust removal efficiency.  



Газовый поток в скруббере

Gas stream in a scrubber


Consideration is given to the simultaneous forces dust particles are subject to:

Viscous drag or resistance, which is a function of the relative velocity between the carrier gas and the dust particle, its shape and size, and gas viscosity. Each particle must overcome resistance as it moves through the carrier gas steam.

  1.  Centrifugal force, which is affected by velocity, cyclone curvature profile, and the particulate mass.

 Particle inertia, whereby the particle would move in a straight line if it is not subjected by the other forces.


Based on careful evaluation of your application we will select:


  •  Single, twin, or quad arrangements;
  •  Outlet to inlet geometry;
  •  Cyclone dimensions;
  •  Cone length.


Группа циклонов в «четверке»

Cyclones group in a «quad» 


The following factors are necessary for simultaneous dust particles extraction:


  •  Viscous drag or resistance;
  •  Centrifugal force;
  •  Particle inertia.


Based on careful evaluation of your application we select:


  •  Single, twin, or quad arrangements;
  •  Outlet to inlet geometry;
  •  Cyclone dimensions;
  •  Cone length. 


Двойная группа циклонов из нержавеющей стали в «четверке»

Double-Quad Cyclone in stainless steel for S-PVC production.


Structure types


We supply cyclones for gas flows from 200 to 200.000 m3/h. We can also custom design the following enhancements as required

  •  Multi cyclones;
  •  Конструкция для давления до 70 бар;
  •  Internal surface finishing to minimize abrasion and build-up caused by sticky particulate;
  •  Wear liners, fixed or removable;
  •  Refractory lining for high temperatures (до 1700°С);
  •  Jacket design for cooling or heating;
  •  ASME or other industrial standard coded construction;
  •  Stainless steel or other weldable alloys.