The idea of foundation of JCS “Era AES” was implemented in 1998.

The main sources of the company were directed to the work with nuclear power facilities what is reflected in the name of the company – “Era AES” in Russian means Exploitation and Valves Repair of the Nuclear Power Stations.

Initially the company was founded for the purpose of engineering-related support of TACIS projects aimed at supply of the European thermomechanical equipment for the existing nuclear facilities in the Russian Federation.

The company offers a wide variety of services, such as the assessment of safety impact, the development of safe operation requirements, the design and verification of process conditions, project technical support, calculations, equipment acceptance and supply on a turnkey basis.

The specialists of the company have gained comprehensive experience in cooperation with leading European producers of the thermal and mechanical equipment that satisfies the most stringent reliability requirements for the purpose of enhancement of the safety of the current electrical power units of the nuclear power facilities in the Russian Federation.

Today “Era AES” is focused on a fundamentally new sphere that has been developed since 2002 – cooperation with oil, gas, and chemical industries.

First of all, such business expansion of “Era AES” can be explained by the increase in the number of the projects that are connected with further growth and modernization of the oil refining and gas industries on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The processes are mainly aimed at the improvement or at least the preservation of available balance among oil and gas production and refining volumes as well as the need for the increase of production output of high value-added equipment that corresponds with the most up-to-date ecological and environmental requirements and European quality standards.
In 2008, modernization programs have been developed and then implemented for quite a number of facilities and industries. These projects included reconstruction of current facilities and construction of new process units comprising modern technologies and equipment.

Nowadays JSC “Era AES” provides a full range of engineering services relating to development, technical and operation support and selection of equipment according to the customers’ design specifications and the data sheets provided by design institutes.

The whole equipment is supplied with a full set of permits and certificates required for application at the categorical facilities in the Russian Federation.